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  Original Equipment Manufacturers
                  gain new market-share

We provide You- OEM Loudspeaker Companies--our ISO 9003 300,000 square foot USA manufacturing plant
Read the July 2015 Voice Coil Magazine Article.

We excel in understanding your needs, customizing solutions, commanding all required resources.  We also manufacture what matters: increased sales for your company via improved sound quality and with physical product differentiation from your competitors.

US Enclosure Company takes full responsibility for our subcontractors manufacturing quality.  In business since 1966, our subcontractor's largest long-term customer is Verizon Communications. 

We will provide proof of insurance certificates for our company and for our subcontractors.
We provide Full-Time Engineering Support, Dedicated Production Management, Custom Cabinet Material Development, and Creative Design Assistance for your Company's loudspeaker cabinets.  We also offer:

Commercial Printing for packaging and product manuals.
Commercial Insurance, both Liability and Casualty, for your products and company in every State.

Product Application defined :  Consumer, Professional; Size of each Driver Hole, Ports/Vents Size and Length.
Drawings of any nature will naturally allow for more accurate estimates.
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We also provide full Prototyping Services—  1-off units, etc using In-house 3-D Printing, or Hand-Created Cabinets from
Wood or Composite Materials.

US Enclosure removes the UNCERTAINTY, the Time Lag, and the Shipping Costs of Offshore Manufacturing.

Our largest unit:
  6 Corvette Bodies with room to Spare
or Hundreds of Cabinets

Equipment Capability:
  Sphere 20 foot Diameter (4190 cubic foot)

Elliptical up to 4190 cubic foot and Cubical up to 8000 cubic foot (20 x 20 x 20 foot).

A HIGHLY VERSATILE manufacturing process is used with our COMPOSITE MATERIALS. 
It has the benefits of:

Low cost production runs, and provides for unlimited design possibilities.
The highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.  Equipment is largest in USA or West of Mississippi River.  US Enclosure will work with you to create your existing products or help in the development of new product concepts tailored to meet your needs.
•    Auto Cad Design & Engineering
•    Prototyping
•    Simple to Complex Parts

STATE-OF-THE ART FACILITIES   Our state-of-the-art facility in Ontario, California houses 300,000 square feet of advanced manufacturing and warehouse space. We have the capabilities to deliver virtually to any destination in the world. With our own fleet of trucks or through freight, rail or other common carrier, our logistics department will manage and track all shipments to ensure your product arrives to your destination safe and on time.
•    Quality Control
•    Assembly & Fulfillment
•    Packaging
•    Warehousing
•    Shipping

MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES    We can produce relatively inexpensive Tools for both small and large parts.
Various shapes, from simply to complex, can be made at the same time for quick and economical prototypes, short production runs, and for high volume production, which is difficult to produce by any other process.
•    In-house Tooling Department
•    Complete Milling & Blending
•    High & Low Volume Runs
•    Image Embossing / Color Graphics
•    Fabrication & Finishing

US Enclosure has In-house 3d Printing and our Subcontractor In-house also has
several optional Injecting Molding lines for truly large scale production.

We can manufacture virtually ANY SHAPE
US Enclosure .44" Cabinet Material in a BOX Shaped Cabinet--  Compared to MDF

                                Cabinet Frequency Response 8 Hz to 3000 Hz Sweep

The MDF Cabinets (above) contained the manufacturer's dampening/stuffing for the Test.
  Our unit was Without any additional dampening-- Just Bare Walls
.  All walls tested used the same driver and same cabinet size.

Our loudspeaker cabinet  manufacturing solution

Your new style enclosures will be designed and put into production without major retooling-costs; our system has a built-in modular approach for enhanced cost-effectiveness and turnaround time as development cycles are critical in  today’s rapidly changing markets.

US Enclosure’s manufacturing will naturally require significant input from you to ensure an effective transition.  This is not the same material your grandfather used for loudspeaker boxes.  We don't injection or blow mold cheap cabinets. Our technology is specially suited to the challenges of making loudspeaker enclosures of any shape with materials that surpass the acoustic qualities of high-grade wood-- at a cost lower of a  wood loudspeaker enclosure with the same shape.


Our enclosures have superior finish and durability compared to using wood or wood product such as MDF, Fiberboard, Press-board OR any currently-utilized Plastics or Composite materials for loudspeaker cabinets. Our opportunity offers strong competitive advantages for loudspeaker manufacturers.  By greatly increasing the consumer-perceived value of your model(s) looks and sound quality, your company can either achieve greater market share or increase product margins.

The US Enclosure manufacturing process is inherently superior via our generation of multi-layer multi-material constrained boundary-layer loudspeaker cabinets with nearly total control over wall thickness, unlimited colors using grade Class-A finish quality, control of number and composition of enclosure wall-layers, and other features useful to any OEM. 



We have complete control over all desirable cabinet characteristics, such as:

Curved Walls
Wall thickness, Wall Damping and Wall Stiffness Factors
Number & Composition of layers- Constrained Boundary Layers
Long or short fiber strengthening materials, if required
Integral in-wall Sound- absorbing materials if desired
Large or small size granular- strengthening
Unlimited Colors, Textures and Effects with a Class-A Finish
And other features useful to any OEM


      Our Design Studio has extensive Experience Eliminating design and engineering
      problems... by taking complete control of all your design requirements while working
      with you every step of the way.

      We properly incorporate the best possible design for your production budget.

Company Policy is that: we never under any circumstances discuss any of our clients concepts to anyone outside our company.  Our subcontractors have comprehensive nondisclosure agreement with our company for your company's protection.  You can have a copy. We also use US Military level encryption and other security measures on all our computers.




Your volumes can be Combined on the cost chart for your annual manufacturing cost when your company pays as a deposit 50% of the yearly volume.  Rebates will be applied at the end of the 12 month period.

All Quotes are FOB Ontario, California
Price Break Schedule
Less Than 99  
500 - 2500
2500 - 4,999
5000 - 9999
10,000 - 49,999
50,000 +

The Unvarnished Truth is  OUR CABINETS WILL PRODUCE A Higher bottom-end profit FOR YOUR COMPANY